IDEAL Cell: People behind the project management

Management Structure
Executive Board
Chair Alain Thorel e-mail Scientific Coordinator
WP1 Leader
WP3 Leader
Members Gilles Caboche e-mail WP2 Leader
  Massimo Viviani e-mail WP4 Leader
  Zeynep Ilhan e-mail WP5 Leader
  Daria Vladikova e-mail WP6 Leader
Supporting Structures
Management Team
Scientific and Technical Manager Anthony Chesnaud e-mail ARMINES
Administrative, Financial and Legal Manager Pauline Borgniet e-mail, Sophie Cousin e-mail ARMINES
Head of European Affairs Silvère  Dernouh e-mail ARMINES
Jurist Manager Véronique Chapuis e-mail ARMINES
Powder Manager Jean-Franşois Hochepied e-mail ARMINES
Testing Manager Antonio Barbucci e-mail CNR
Interconnect Manager Paolo Picardo e-mail CNR
Modelling Manager Cristiano Nicolella e-mail CNR
Shaping Manager Syed Asif Ansar e-mail DLR
Advisory Board
  Nikolaos Bonanos e-mail Risø (Denmark)
  Paolo Spinelli e-mail Politecnico Torino (Italy)

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