IDEAL Cell: Management Structure

Scientific Coordinator

The overall project coordination was the responsibility of the Coordinator ARMINES, which was also acting as the intermediary between the Parties and the European Commission. An efficient day-to-day management of the project was ensured by a permanent scientific and technical follow-up led by the Scientific Coordinator (SC).

Executive Board

The Consortium was represented in the project by the Executive Board (EB), which was the ultimate decision-making and supervisory body for the implementation of the Project. EB was also in charge of the reporting to the European Commission through the Management Team. It was structured by the Work Package (WP) Leaders and chaired by the Scientific Coordinator. The Executive Board held at least 2 meetings a year.

The Work Package Leaders were representatives of a partner institution, who were responsible for the implementation of the WP tasks, including coordination with other Work Packages, preparation of internal products, reports and project deliverables. They were responsible for finding a consensus among the participants of their WP.

Supporting Structures

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