IDEAL Cell: Supporting Management Tools

E-management platform

The e-management platform is an information system developed in ARMINES for the day-to-day monitoring of projects. ARMINES ensured contact to the scientific, administrative, financial and legal data related to the project. Each contact was attributed to a peculiar profile depending on the involvement in the project (Participant, Work Package Leader etc.). Thus, the e-management platform offered an official area restricted to the partners of the consortium and to the representatives of the European Commission. This management tool increased the transparency of management both inside the consortium and towards the European Commission. It allowed all members of the consortium to follow the work, tasks, and achievements of the project and especially the Administrative calendar, Work progression, Financial follow up, Documentation.

Internal web-side

The internal web-site was a communication tool with restricted access available only for members of the Consortium. It ensured high quality communication between the members involved in common tasks and quick internal exchange of “hot” information, data, experimental results. It offered professionally selected reference information (articles, publications, reviews, company information etc.) targeted towards the specific needs of the project.

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