IDEAL Cell: Partner 3 CNR

National Research Council
CNR, Italy
Partner 3
WP4 Coordinator

Partner CNR is a joint research group among CNR-IENI (Institute for Energetics and Interphases, Genova Department), two Departments of the University of Genova (Dept. of Process and Chemical Engineering – DICheP and Dept. of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry – DCCI) and the Department of Chemical Engineering (DIC) of the University of Pisa. During the last 8 years partner CNR has been developing research work in the field of SOFC, particularly on synthesis and sintering of nano powders for the fabrication of ionic ceramic conductors (CNR-IENI), electrocatalytic activity of the electrodes (anodes and cathodes) for high temperature fuel cells (DICheP-UNIGE), interconnects alloys for IT and LT-SOFC (DCCI­UNIGE), modelling of electrochemical reactions, mass and charge transport phenomena in composite materials and architectures (DIC-UNIPI in collaboration with DICheP-UNIGE).

The partner’s staff accounts for 6 scientists, 3 PhD students and 2 technitians. It is involved in a national research project on Fuel Cells (FISR), has been partner in two European projects (FP5­SFTR, FP5-POEMES coordinated by Partner 5) and has close cooperation with European industry and research laboratories operating in the field of fuel cells.

Short list of competences that will be deployed in the project:


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