IDEAL Cell: Partner 6 MT

Marion Technologies
MT, France
Partner 6

MARION TECHNOLOGIES is a SME created in December 2001. The staff is currently from 15 to 20 depending on the engineer trainings. The activity is essentially revolved around the formulation, the adjustment and the production of "tailor-made" materials and nanostructured powders for industrial uses. The materials created by chemical processes (soft chemistry, hydrothermal synthesis, sol-gel) offer original properties and technical performances superior to the materials made by classic manufacturing processes.

MT mission consists in providing, for a specific application, a global answer to a "Material" problem. The company is in charge of the process adjustment, the pilot extrapolation, and the industrial manufacturing with an annual production capacity of 40 tonnes. The company offers powders and nanostructured materials especially optimised for each application, such as ceramic powders (from simple to the most complex multi-compounds oxides), carbon nanotubes or simple and mixed oxides with spinel or perovskite structures. The application sectors are electronic ceramics, surface treatments, biomedical applications, catalysis, energy, storage and loads for paints, cosmetics. Example of products are : Manganese Oxide, Manganese Tetraoxide, Titanium Dioxide, Zirconia, Alumina, Spinel, Magnesia, Vanadium Pentaoxide, Yttrium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Bismuth Dioxide, Titanates, mix of these different oxides.

The role of MT in the project is that of ceramic powder producer and its main task will be related to the manufacturing and supplying of ceramic powder. MT has a skilled Materials Science-based team with complementary specialities in the discipline of physics, chemistry, chemical engineering processes, electro-chemistry, electronics, and carbon nanotubes. Thanks to its expertise in material sciences, YSZ, LSC and LSCF for SOFC or BaCeO3 for PCFC, made the company a good support for this subject. MT has facilities for materials characterization with its well equipped Analysis Laboratory: X-ray diffractomer, surface analyser, Inductive Coupled Plasma, laser particle-measurement device, microscopic devices. The company will strongly cooperate with cells suppliers and with RTDs to supply them with ceramic powders, which meets all the requirements needed.

Marion Technologies participates to 2 projects in the Sixth Framework Programme: INASMET and HEATCONDUCTIVES.

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