NAXAGORAS Technology (SAS)
Partner 7

Naxagoras Technology is a “go-between” company between academic research team and industrial design centres. Naxagoras Technology provides active bases constituted by nanomaterials (single or complex oxides and metals) in slurries (hundreds of litres). Our active bases allow design of innovating products within sector of environment, energy, and health. The supply of fuel cells elements is considered. Three product lines have been defined: the fundamentals, the exclusives and the developable. Our products ensure the cleaning-up, optical filtering, nanopolishing, and bactericide functions. Moreover, vectorization and activation of drugs could be obtained. Nanoparticles bring the versatility of fluorescent detection and visualization with typical imaging techniques.

The overwhelming advantages of our original one-step process is composition and size distribution control associated with saving time factor due to core heating induced by microwave energy. Compared to conventional processes, our elaboration process is a technological breakthrough because of symbiotic use of thermo-hydrolysis and microwave heating.

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