IDEAL Cell: Partner 9 TurboCare

TurboCare, Italy
Partner 9

Formerly Gas Turbine Technologies, the company has been renamed TurboCare SpA and incorporated into the Siemens Group in 2003. TurboCare takes advantage of over 45 years of experience in supplying and servicing about 350 gas turbines for power generation throughout the world for a total 12300 installed MW. Nowadays, TurboCare is a leading company in the Siemens global service network, established to provide comprehensive high quality services to the power generation industry.

Following the research & development and demonstration agreement with Siemens PG SFC (Stationary Fuel Cells Division) in Pittsburgh, PA, USA, TurboCare started to develop the Centre of Excellence for SOFC generators in Turin. In this regard, the first step has been the EOS Project – started in April 2004 with the cooperation of Politecnico di Torino and Environment Park of Torino. The project, partially funded by Piedmont Region, will last 5 years; in this first phase (2004-2006) TurboCare is testing a SOFC Generator capable of 100 kWe and 65 kWth. The Generator is installed in TurboCare workshop of Torino (Italy), supplying  power (>100 kWt) and thermal energy for heating (60 kWt) and air conditioning with an absorption chiller (50 kWt). The Unit is connected to the municipality grid (through TurboCare grid) and fueled by natural gas from the pipeline. An internal steam reformer provides Hydrogen and Carbon Oxide to the stack. CHP100 is running since more than 15300 hours in Torino with very high efficiency (electrical > 43%, (electrical + thermal) > 70%. The Generator is very reliable (demonstrated 99%) and does not show any voltage or power degradation.

Moreover, TurboCare is testing a 5 kW class SOFC CHP generator for its canteen in a Research Program (EBE Project) with the same partners.

TurboCare engineers study the operation and maintenance of the Units, with reference to the influence of various parameters (operation hours, stack temperature, combustion zone temperature, temperature distribution, current density, fuel utilization, fuel distribution, air temperature, air utilization, air flow distribution etc.) on the performance of the Generators. Results are published in technical and scientific journals and presented to the main fuel cells conferences. A web site is showing the operating data of CHP100 on line.

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