IDEAL Cell: Partner 2 UB

Université de Bourgogne
UB, France
Partner 2
WP2 Coordinator

The Université de Bourgogne is located in Dijon, France. The Institut Carnot (Chemistry Analyses Reactivity Nanosciences Optical Technology) de Bourgogne (ICB) UMR5209 is a joint research unit jointly owned by CNRS and Université de Bourgogne and is the laboratory where the research is carried out. It is composed of approximately 100 researchers, 40 technicians and engineers, 10 administrative staffs, 10 post Doc, 40 PhD students and 20 trainees. It is divided in four Departments: Department of Optics and Matter-Radiation interaction (DOMR), Department of Analyses and Instrumentation (DAI), Department of Interface and Reactivity in Materials (DIRM), Department of Nanosciences (DNANO). Seven permanent persons of DAI, DIRM and DNANO are involved in the project.

For several years, research works is performed on the physico-chemical properties of the cathode-oxygen, electrode-electrolyte and cathode-electrolyte oxygen interfaces in SOFC. More recently, research on electrolyte materials for Protonic Ceramic Fuel Cell were undertaken. Attention has been paid to their ageing as a function of working time and temperature. The synthesis of anode, cathode and electrolyte nano-materials was carried out via microwave route. Optimized sintering conditions gave electrode materials with controlled porosity. Complete cells obtained are promising and is a first step for low temperature SOFC applications.

Moreover, studies on interconnect durability under service conditions have been developed from electrical and corrosion point of view. Original coatings made of reactive element oxides have been formulated via LP-MOCVD (Low Pressure Metal-organic Chemical Vapor Deposition) technique. The interconnect behaviour in different atmospheres constitutes a field of research of the groups.

Short list of competences that will be deployed in the project:


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